Seniors Helping Seniors transformed my view of what an agency like this could be. Never previously having needed to engage with an elder care service, I was reluctant when my aging mother first needed support in her home after a hospitalization several months ago. What my family and I found was an amalgam of competence, expertise, reliability, responsiveness, warmth, and an incredibly personal touch. This has been a blessing. As Mom now needs more services, SHS and its amazing leader, Ben Chernow, have provided support every step of the way. And his team is helping us begin the likely transition to assisted living in the future. Kudos and gratitude!

— Mark L.

Seniors Helping Seniors has been a godsend to our family. They are professional and knowledgeable. I rely on owner Ben Chernow’s advice and welcome his input.
I highly recommend their services.

— L. Delisio

My experience with SHS has been a pleasant one. Of the four seniors sent to me, three were excellent. One of them, Mary Price, was my favorite and now comes to my home to help me three days per week. I have confidence that should any problem arise, Ben would find a solution.

— M. Lacy

Seniors Helping Seniors has been a godsend to me. The head of the agency visited me at home to review my needs; he was professional and caring. A caretaker assigned to me and my husband has performed multiple roles which have provided immense help to us. This person is very intelligent with excellent organizational and communication skills, and has quickly improved our quality of life. The agency is flexible and responsive to any needs

— E. Bodin

Ben Chernow matched us up with the perfect person for our needs. We found her to be supportive, co-operative and always good willed. She is a problem solver for me and a companion to my husband. She contributes her ideas and her skills to make our situation better. She is an active participant who interests herself in my husband's interests so that she can share them. In every way, Seniors Helping Seniors has truly met and exceeded our expectations.

— C. Field

My caregiver is very helpful and I love her a lot.

— P. Davis

I am grateful for the assistance that the caregiver gave to my wife. She made useful observations that helped to enhance the quality of care my wife received. They developed an excellent rapport, and the caregiver encouraged my wife to expand her activities.

— J. Toupin

This agency sends the best caregivers you'll ever have. The owner personally selects the right person for you.

— S. Litwin

Wonderful people who are very helpful and caring. They are our neighbors basically, who know what it is like to be a senior needing help. They have done so much for my sister. Seniors Helping Seniors will grocery shop for you and the system makes it very easy without having to get the caregiver involved. Thank you Ben Chernow and Seniors Helping Seniors.

— M. Ponton


It was so good to see you and Mary Ann frequently laughing together and enjoying one another. I told you before and I really meant it. You are the best caregiver we ever had, hands down! You were always so kind and patient with Mary Ann. You hold a special place in my heart. And Mary Ann's.

— R. Murphy

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