We moved our sister from Delaware to Maryland to be closer to family, into an assisted living facility. While she needed assistance in Delaware, when reached out to SHS, I received absolutly no response. I was certainly not positive about the agency here in Maryland.

But after speaking with a few agencies, and then with Ben, my whole attitude had changed course. His manner & proffesionalism was totally "un" corporate like, as he seemed so genuine & caring. Ben felt he could meet the family needs of a good companion for a few hours a day. Being able to see a short video of companions was helpful as i always like to meet the person to insure it would be a good fit.

The companions for the past almost 6 mo. have been wonderful. I need the consistency.... and this has been a mainstay for my sister. If ever an issue we speak about it and make any adjustments needed. Although my sister has speech chanllenges, the respect & consideration given has been a great comfort. I would be happy to speak to anyone considering using Ben's services. (and i have done so with a few others at her Sr Living Facility.)

— S. Flyer